For as long as he can remember Drewfus has had a passion for all of the Arts and Sciences. He obtained a BSc in Maths and Physics with First Class Honours and a PhD from UWA. At the same time, he took an active interest in painting, writing, philosophy, spirituality and issues of peace and justice.

While he lectured Physics at University part time he pursued his art more seriously, basically being self-taught but taking a few short courses and workshops. He became increasingly aware that there was a limit to what could be learnt from the physical world and that there were more important truths to be discovered and lived that were more to do with beauty, feeling and spirit. Furthermore, these concepts underpin Art at its finest.

Drewfus soon became well known for his mastery of light and colour, painting in Oils , Watercolours and Pastels. In 1983 Drewfus and his wife Chelinay had their first exhibition as professional artists at Gomboc Gallery. Since then he has held over thirty exhibitions and won about 150 Art Awards. Notable amongst these were the America’s Cup Art Prize, the Black Swan Miehofer Prize and six times a finalist in the Moran National Portrait Prize (the biggest in Australia).

Much of Drewfus’ work is portrait commissions including about 90 “VIP” portraits. These include one Supreme Court and 4 State Chief Justices, 2 Australian High Court Judges, 3 University Chancellors and one Vice Chancellor, 5 University Professors, many Mayors, 7 portraits for the Agricultural Hall of Fame, 7 Private School Principals and numerous other business, medical and sporting identities.

Drewfus’ art teaching activities include teaching at Claremont School of Art, Diploma of Art units in painting, drawing and design, workshops at his own studio/ gallery, UWA Summer school, Private Schools and voluntary workshops for Aboriginal Communities. He currently teaches Portraiture, Figure painting and General Painting at Fremantle Art Centre.

In 2001 Drewfus was severely burnt whilst on an art trip to a remote Aboriginal group in Central Australia. Despite burns to over 50% of his body and losing the fingers of his left hand and some toes, miraculously survived after 17 days in a coma. Even as he was being burnt he consciously sacrificed his left hand to save his right and vowed to be a really great artist if he survived. The numinous experiences he had in the coma have greatly expanded his consciousness and continue to influence his art.